I pronomi in Inglese

ingleseLa lingua inglese ha diversi pronomi che si assomigliano tra di loro.

Allora è meglio farsi uno schema così da conoscerli tutti:

1) Pronome personale:   j-you-he/she/it-we-you-their

2) Pronome aggettivi=my-your-his/her/its-our-your-their

3) Pronome possessivo=mine-yours-his/hers/its-outs-yours-theirs

4) Pronome riflessivo = myself-yourself-himself/herself/itself-ourselves-yourselves-themselves

5) Pronome dimostrativo = this-that-these-those

6) Pronome interrogativo = who-what-why-where-when-whatever

7)Pronome indefinito = anything-anybody-anyone-something-somebody-someone-nothing-nobody-none-no one

8) Pronomi  reciproci = each-other-one another

9) Pronomi relativi = that-which-who-whose-whom-where-when

10) Pronomi complementi = me-you-him/her/it-us-you-them


1) J am George.you are Susan, he wants to go to London,

2) George is my name, Tom is your friend, Mark is your father

3) the white car is mine,

4) He injured himself playng football

5) this is a new car, Days in winter is shorter than those in summer, those are girls

6) why are you studyng? who are you?where is my book? what have you in your hand?

7) Nobody said a word all night,there is something in what you say,  you can sit at either end.

8) They really hate each other

9)the girl who usually cuts my hair has won the lottery,

10) J saw her in town yesterday

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